Unsolicited advice from a fellow African.


First off, I live in the United States, however, both my parents live in Nigeria. Like most millennial children of African families, it should come as no surprise that whenever either of my parents needs some tech help, I or one of my siblings is their goto. Growing up, you’re somehow the cable ‘guy’, the internet technician, the Microsoft Word expert and the portable TV manual, all conveniently wrapped in the form of a human offspring. …

If all your neighbors’ houses are burning and nothing is done then yours will eventually burn down too.

A commuter bus. Lagos, Nigeria.

An acquaintance introduced me to the concept of the African Tax. An invisible yet powerful tax collected on all Africans, and more so on those who thrive despite the challenges of finding success in Africa.

In reality, I can only speak to the “Nigerian Tax” since that’s where all my experience comes from. However, I’ve chosen to generalize, pardon me if this offends your sensitivities.

There are two sides to my story.

The first. I’m a young African living the American dream…

Halima Ola

Software Engineer type. I care about humanity, the power of people behind technology and “Africa rising”

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